Folco Romanelli


A history of success

by Folco Romanelli

The Romanelli dynasty of internationally renowned sculptors began in 1850 with Pasquale who was Lorenzo Bartolini’s most gifted pupil. He was given the honour of completing Bartolini’s unfinished monuments after Bartolini’s death. Pasquale went on to fulfill commissions for many, many monuments of his own winning international fame with his statues, such as that of George Washington and of The Genio of Italy.
Pasquale’s son was Raffaello, who in his lifetime created more than two thousand sculptures and became even more widely acclaimed than Pasquale. Almost all the famous people of his day turned to him to have their portraits made, people such as King Carlo I of Romania, Pope Benedetto xv and William Penn of Philadelphia. He made the equestrian monument to Garibaldi in Siena He made a vast monument to Tsar Alexandra II. He also made the bust of Benvenuto Cellini which stands in Florence in the centre of the Ponte Vecchio
Raffaello’s son was Romano who also carried on the tradition of making portraits for the famous people of his own day. He too, as they had, became professor of sculpture at the Italian Academy Of Art. His life size bronze of “Hercules struggling with the lion” stands now in Piazza Ogni Santi in Florence. His enormous equestrian monument of Skanderbeg now stands in Rome in Piazza Albania. His “Justice of Triano” is in the Palace of Justice in Milan.

The present day Romanelli is Folco and his beautiful monuments also are to be seen internationally, from London to Greece, from the distant Nigerian capital to France and in chateaux in Switzerland.
Each generation of Romanellis has expressed beauty and sensitivity in their sculpture, each reflecting their own epoch in their works.

Through a hundred and fifty eight years of history, whilst Italy was still a Monarchy and then after it had became a Republic, the Romanelli sculptors from the Romanelli studio in Florence have been continuing to give wonderful sculptors to art collectors and to the public. One can say “a Romanelli” is present in the most beautiful houses of the world. The studio situated in a prestigious site within the medieval walls of Florence, has been the place to purchase and to commission works of art and a monumental centre of culture and exhibitions.
Ever since the Renaissance, Florence has been known as a world centre for prestigious sculpture.

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